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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Hello World! My name is William Li, and this is my photography site!

As of this writing, I am a high school student at St. George's School Vancouver (Class of 2022). A few years ago, in elementary school, I found myself jumping along the bandwagon that was the trend of creating "photography Instagram accounts". It started off as just a place where I would post some iPhone photos of flowers in my backyard, or sunsets or sunrises from out the car window.

About a year later, my dad found out about my interest in photography. He told me about his journeys in photography: in high school, he had owned an old film camera which he would use, and how he would develop his own film in a homemade darkroom in the bathroom! He had purchased a DSLR more than a decade back to document my journey growing up as a baby, but had drifted from his hobby in more recent years, with school for me and work for him. He decided that he would introduce me to the world of DSLR photography, while rediscovering his pastime as well.

In late 2017 and early 2018, I took some of my earliest DSLR photos. These started off as playing with Program mode on a DSLR and learning about exposure, again with some of the flowers in the backyard. Soon, I found myself looking up shutter speed, aperture, and ISO on the internet, and began shooting with Manual mode. Among the earliest photos I took with manual mode was on weekend trip to Saanich on Vancouver Island, where I managed to photograph a male Anna's Hummingbird at John Dean Provincial Park — which is still one of the photos that I'm most proud of.

Soon, my dad found himself taking photos for the swim club which I swim for, the Richmond Rapids. Often, at meets, I find myself helping him take some photos of my teammates — learning about photography while I'm not racing.

Now, I mostly take pictures of animals and nature (such as birds and wildlife, or macro shots of insects and plants), sports (mainly swimming), landscapes and cityscapes. I do occasionally do photoshoots of people or of food. I'm also experimenting with film photography on a 120 Kodak Duaflex, and saving up for a film SLR. If you ever have a project in mind that you would like to collaborate on, I'd love to work with you, so don't hesitate to contact me here!

If you want to see more of my work, the gallery on this website features most of my best work. My Instagram page is where I post some of my most recent works, as well as throwbacks, and some of my latest experiments in my stories. Finally, I post many of the works that I find don't fit my website or my Instagram on my VSCO, where I share mobile photography, stylized and filtered photos, and many other things.

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