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This is who I am.

My portfolio is a collection of my best works, from an assortment of birds and animals, to landscapes from my travels, to food, cityscapes, and athletics, and much more. Don't hesitate to check back soon, as I update my portfolio regularly!

Northern gannets from Newfoundland,  Rainbow lorikeets from Australia, Barred owls, squirrels, ducks, eagles, snakes. A collection of my best birds, animals, and wildlife photos, featuring animals from my backyard to halfway around the globe.

Humans are special. A lot goes into capturing the peculiarities of human expression. From the determination of high-performance athletes to the focus of a sentinel on guard, this project is dedicated to the idiosyncracies of the human image.

Pacific, Authentic, Richmond BC. A small but bustling city just south of Vancouver. A multicultural hub like no other. From the historic fishing villages of Steveston, to the ever-growing high-rises, to the iconic Richmond Olympic Oval, and all the little things tucked in between.

What's beyond the confines of Earth? The cosmos, hidden behind a wall of light pollution, offers more wonder than anyone on Earth could ever imagine. This is my journey through the cosmos through telescopes and camera lenses— my collection of galaxies and nebulae.

The world through film. 

Keeping the wonders of analogue photography alive in a digital world.

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